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Go tribal with Aztec!

Fashion trends have gone  wide and bold this whole year. From bold colours to even bolder prints and whats really interesting is that these bold colours are mixed with the bold prints. And one super popular print that has made its way to the fashion runways is the ‘Aztec print’. It is very a colorful mix and match of tribal designs and geometric patterns with bright colours, which is why it looks good on t-shirts, tops, skirts, shorts, accessories to even phone cases!! Practically everything.  This trend is everywhere, from runaways to designers and even the streets.

But these bold tribal prints and Aztec designs are not that easy to wear. Pairing them with the right outfit is necessary or you might end up looking like a tribal painting gone wrong. So here are some fashion and styling tips that will help you rock the Aztec prints trend.

1. Less is more!

This trend is all about bold prints. And prints look great when worn moderately.  Do not go all out on Tribal/Aztec prints. Too much of prints and patterns  with heavy jewellery becomes an eye sore.   DO NOT pair prints with prints! It is an extremely tricky situation and if you do not do the print on print trend well, you are just going to look like a 4th graders scribbling pad . Aztec prints look best when worn alone. Look to the streets for inspiration on different ways to wear Aztec prints. There are plenty of women totally in love with this trend and who rock it super cool.

2) Pair it with a solid color!

The best way to carry off the Aztec prints trend is by pairing it with bold colors. If your skirt is printed, pair it with a bold colored top and vice versa or wear a bright colored scarf  or a shoes to an aztec print dress to add some dimension to your look. Blazers and jackets in bold colors add that bit of jazz to the funky look of the prints. So stock up on some bright colored tops, t-shirts, blazers and scarves and pair them up with your Aztecs.

3) Add textures

Textures are a great way to add some character and interest to your outfit. Pair bold tribal prints with different textures like chiffon, leather and suede. Mixing fabrics accentuates the prints and makes you look effortlessly chic. Mix a Aztec dress with a leather jacket and there you go. A great outfit right there within seconds.

4) Accessorize

The prints are bold so keeping the accessorize to a minimum would be a better choice. Look out for subtle colors from the prints and then try to match the accessories to those colors. A statement necklace, or cuff bracelets our even bright colored dangle earrings will take your look to a whole new class. Monochrome aztec prints are a great way to play around with and have some fun by accentuating them with bright neon jewellery or a bag.

And Yes!! These are my styling tips for the tribal trend. But whatever you do just remember to have fun! There is nothing more stylish than a pretty smile!! :) :)

Flower accessory - DIY

Hey lovelies!

Today I am up with a fun DIY post for this multipurpose flower broach, which can be used to accessorize hairstyles, bags, clutches and even jewellery.

You can make it in different sizes depending on your use of these cute flower accessory.


All u need for this DIY are :

1. A bag u want to revamp or glam up.

2. Some fake flowers, either from an old bouquet or you can get these plastic flowers for cheap in craft stores.

3. Some fevi glue or any strong hold glue of your choice.

4. Some decorative glitter or beads (optional).


Now take out these individual flowers and separate the stem and the petals individually. After all the petals are separated , choose  the pattern in which the petals need to be glued and then open out the petals and glue them with each other. 


After you have glued them accordingly, now you are all set and done. If you would like you could also add some glitter, studs, beads and embellishments to the center of the flower and now voila!! your done. 

Add a pin to it or stick it on to your bag and there you go. Have fun making these flowers in different colours and patterns and sport them.



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